Events Diary

I hope that you are all keeping well? Just a couple of updates from me as we rush headlong into Easter - where has the year gone?


Next Friday 8 April will be the last session for the current term. The new term will start after the Easter break on Friday 22 April.  The new term is 12 weeks long but will, unfortunately, be interrupted due to school exams. So, we will play from 22 April through to 20 May (5 weeks). The school closes for 5 weeks (yes, FIVE weeks!!). We then restart the term on Friday 1 July and play through the summer until 12 August (7 weeks) to complete our 12 week term. The cost of the 12 week term is £56 – payment in the usual way to Jules.



The second update is about Badminton England membership. It is a pre-requisite of joining the club that all members affiliate with Badminton England – this ensures we have adequate insurance cover in case of an accident; it also provides you with discounts and other offers related to badminton. Over the last couple of years the situation has been complicated by the Covid pandemic. However, we now appear to be over the worst of it and things are returning to normal.


I note from the records that we have some members with expired memberships (or no membership at all). May I therefore please ask all members to either confirm their current BE membership number or, using the link below, join Badminton England. If you are  joining Badminton England for the first time then please affiliate yourself to our club (see attached guide on how to do this). Standard “Club Player” membership is the norm – this is £12 per year plus a small county fee (c£5). You should only select “Compete Player” if you intend to compete on the competition circuit (Bronze, Silver or Gold).


For junior members, there are reduced rates. Children 11 years and under are free but still need to be registered with the Racket Pack; the club will do this on your behalf. Juniors aged over 11 and under 18 will be enrolled by the club directly – there is no action required. If your child already has a Badminton England membership number then please let me have the details.


The Badminton England membership site can be found here:


Badminton England Membership


I have also attached a guide to navigating the membership site as well as some other background material.


I will follow up this email in a month’s time to ensure that all members are affiliated.


Many thanks





John Warner

Club Secretary