Events Diary

Dear Members,


The government announced a further relaxation of the Covid regulations on 17 May. We will therefore be able to return to playing – hooray!


So, we resume on Friday 28 May at 20:00 hrs (with a break on 11 June for exams). Make a date in your diaries – we are so looking forward to getting back on court! As expected there will be some “rules” to follow when we return. As things currently stand we are restricted to 16 players on the evening. So, if you intend to play, please let me know in advance so I have some idea of numbers. I am hopeful that we can accommodate everyone who wants to play.


Membership Fees - Recap


The new term will start on 28 May and will run for 12 weeks until 20 August.


Adults: If you have previously paid for the last term then you are currently “owed” 8 weeks of free play. Your fees for the new term will be £20.


Wyvern Juniors: Juniors will have completed 4 weeks of coaching prior to the school exams. They will therefore be “owed” 4 weeks of free play. Your fees for the new term will be £40.


Hamble Juniors: The Hamble group is unaffected by the Wyvern school exams. Sunil will contact you directly with the fees and dates for the Hamble group.


Please contact Jules ( If you have any issues or concerns with the fees.


Potential New Members


The club is open for new players who would like to come and try us out. Please let me know if you would like to come along and play – helps me to keep an eye out for you. Your first session is free. We expect players to be able to play (i.e. not complete beginners) as we will not have the immediate capacity to provide coaching – if you have not played before please contact me directly and I will look at options for you.


Car Parking


There are currently building works in progress at the college. Parking is therefore restricted. Key points to note:


  • Do not park in the area immediately outside the Sport and Fitness building as this is parking is for Gym members only. It should not be used for a drop off or pick up area.  Only Gym members displaying a permit will be permitted to park in this area.


  • Sports Hall users should use the Nursery/Front Car Park which is immediately on your left as you enter the campus.


Kind regards




John Warner

Club Secretary


Term Dates

We now have the proposed term dates for Wyvern Technical College:

 28 May - 20 August 2021